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ES China电子报十月刊是继推出中文网站之后的又一大突破,首期电子杂志集合了电子工程产业最热门的四大话题:物联网,可穿戴设备,电子设计以及汽车电子。








ElectronicSpecifier Product Magazine is the only Pan-European publication dedicated to electronic components. Here you will find articles detailing the latest advancements in electronic components, associated technical documents, and industry news. ElectronicSpecifier Product covers all aspects of electronic components with monthly features including Power, Interconnect, Passives, Embedded, Optoelectronics, Automotive, Wireless, Passives, Sensing and NFC. Also featured are regular reader competitions, distribution page by industry-veteran Mick Elliott, and an industry comment from Editor Nat Bowers.


ElectronicSpecifier Design is the industry’s best read digital magazine. In ElectronicSpecifier Design you will find the best in-depth technical articles, analysis and reviews on all aspects of electronics design, delivered straight to your inbox every month. ElectronicSpecifier Design covers all areas of the industry with monthly featured and highlighted topic areas, competitions and an industry comment from Editor Phil Ling. Every month ElectronicSpecifier Design delivers the information that engineers require to quickly move from concept development to production line.

Test & Measurement

ElectronicSpecifier Test&Measurement is a quarterly digital magazine providing engineers with the latest new products, associated technical documents, industry news and in-depth technical articles related to the test and measurement market.

Edited by industry-veteran Mick Elliott, ElectronicSpecifier Test&Measurement is delivered direct to engineers four times a year. This invaluable resource guide provides the information that engineers need.

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